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A different kind of Salesforce Partner

Dgenx offers consultation, strategy, implementation, and optimization of the complete range of Salesforce products and solutions.

We help you streamline processes, automate tasks, and increase value utilizing a consultative approach that puts customers and stakeholders first.

Our Clients

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Agile Mindset

is a strategy, not just a workflow


Digital Curiosity

propels us to innovate


Customer Success

is at the heart of everything we do

Our Clients

Where a solution doesn’t already exist, we will build one together.


Automate your organization

Dgenx can implement Salesforce into your organization, migrate your existing data, set up the necessary reporting, and keep things running smoothly.
Strategy & advisory services
  • Our senior consultants begin with your objectives and then determine the best way forward. We break down the initiative into tangible, manageable modules for easy management.
  • At all times, we keep in mind the Salesforce-recommended best practices.
  • Our scoping exercise allows us to fully understand the day-to-day operations of your users so we can map the workflow to the Salesforce processes.
  • Once we better know your organization, we can advise which of Salesforce’s cutting-edge products will support your present and future needs.
Integration & implementation
A key aspect of the implementation involves migrating your data quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We can migrate both cloud- and on-premise data through a variety of methods:
  • API integration (REST, SOAP, etc.)
  • Middleware (ETL, Enterprise Bus, etc.)
  • FTP, for nearly real-time data transfers
Managed Services

The Dgenx team lives and breathes Salesforce, so we know the latest products, services, releases, and best practices. We can manage your entire Salesforce infrastructure so your teams can focus on finding, signing, and serving your customers.

Custom Product Engineering
Often our clients have unique needs that no existing solution can meet. It might be a connection between platforms, or a new product altogether. Dgenx is backed by the resources of engineering leader Tricon Infotech and has vast experience building custom software solutions. We can even help you list your new creation in the Salesforce marketplace, so you can earn revenue from your customized solution.

How we work

Putting our clients at the center of everything

Utilizing an Agile workflow, we study, plan, and implement Salesforce solutions into your organization. We refine them in short sprints to quickly incorporate feedback into successive iterations.


Dgenx masters the full range of Salesforce products

Sales Cloud CRM & Custom Product Quotation (CPQ)

Guide your customers through the complete sales cycle. Then configure, manage, and track sales quotes, pricing, terms, and renewals.

We will manage the entire import, customization, and optimization process to your specs.

Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Identify your next customer with lead generation, and personalize the user experience across all your channels.

Together, we will implement intelligent journeys and touch points for best customer experience

Service Cloud

Automate your customer support with full visibility into the relationship history.

We can help you identify and enable the most effective support channels.

Community Cloud

Empower your customers to collaborate with one another.

We will guide you through the world of Salesforce partners and grant gated access.


Integrate Salesforce into your entire infrastructure, or vice versa.

Our engineers will establish secure connections to protect your data.


Trade ordinary charts for comprehensive data visualization.

We will identify and enable the best metrics to power your business.


Offer customized service and promotions, thanks to always-on, AI-powered bots.

Together we can harness the power of machine learning to offer 24/7 service and sales.


Customized Solutions

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