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Join the over 500 individuals around the world who make up the Tricon Infotech team. Be part of a culture where you can learn, grow, share, and succeed.

Our culture

Working at Tricon Infotech

Culture of Success

Tricon Infotech has a unique, outcome-focused, teams-based approach that fosters successful engagements. Utilize your expertise building products and services that you can be proud of.

Remote Work

Tricon Infotech values employee health and safety above all else. We continue to offer remote and flexible work opportunities as necessary in order to protect you and your team.

Training & Mentoring

Tricon Infotech never shies away from a challenge, including new markets, platforms, and environments. That allows you to learn and master the latest technologies and best practices.


The Tricon Infotech organization recognizes and rewards outstanding work, and we also take joy in everyday celebrations like birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings, and major life events.

Flexible Work

Break the mold of the traditional 9 to 5 job. Tricon Infotech wants you to be your best, healthiest, and most productive self. Set work hours that serve your personal and professional lifestyle.

Community Engagement

We are proud to give back to our communities and regularly hold volunteer activities to promote early education, environmental sustainability, elder care, public health, and disaster relief.

Case study

Accelerated loan processing

A loan servicing company was losing business due to a slow Excel + Dropbox workflow. Tricon automated the process and added real-time analytics to keep them ahead of the competition.
Case study

Automated laboratories

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) automated its laboratory management system with help from Tricon Infotech.
Case study

Publisher sampling

A major educational publisher wanted to implement Salesforce into its Oracle database but lacked a sampling solution. With help from Tricon Infotech, they accomplished everything.
Case study

Gutenberg meets iPad

One of the world’s most prestigious scholarly publishers automated its entire workflow with help from Tricon Infotech. The journey begins on their sales representatives’ iPads.