Putting Skin in the Game: Tricon's AI Innovation Fund

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About the Innovation Fund

Tricon’s AI Innovation Fund is a groundbreaking annual initiative where we invest our expertise and resources alongside marquee brands worldwide. This unique collaboration supports ventures that harbor high intrinsic value, steering them from conceptualization to successful realization. The 2023 cohort presents an exclusive opportunity to engage in a partnership that transforms visions into value.


Is Your Venture a Fit?

To qualify for this initiative, your venture should meet three out of the following four criteria:

Direct Revenue Uplift

Demonstrates a substantial revenue increase for your brand.

End Customer Impact

Positively influences the end users of your brand.

Innovative Technology Adoption

Showcases a willingness to leverage groundbreaking technology.

Brand’s Data Utilization

Utilizes your brand’s own data effectively.


How Does it Work?

The journey entails three pivotal phases:

Innovation Committee (IC)

A synergy of minds to identify, evaluate, and prioritize innovation projects.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

Validating the feasibility and value proposition of proposed solutions.

Technology Foundation

Built on robust technology partnerships ensuring reliability and scalability.


Shared Success, Shared Growth

Our remuneration is outcome-driven; it’s only levied upon achieving the agreed business outcomes, thereby aligning our success with yours.


Navigating the Legal Landscape

The terms of engagement, risk-sharing model, and financial commitments will be outlined in a contractual agreement prior to the commencement of any project under this initiative.


A Limited Window of Opportunity

Seize this scarce opportunity exclusive to Q4 2023, reserved for the first six digital products and brands ready to redefine the innovation landscape. The clock is ticking, and the slots are filling up – your groundbreaking venture is a click away from securing its spot in this elite cohort.


Success Stories from Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Tricon AI Innovation Fund?

The Tricon AI Innovation Fund is an annual initiative where we invest our expertise and resources alongside select marquee brands to co-create innovative digital products. This unique collaboration aims to transform ambitious projects from conceptualization to successful realization.

Globally recognized brands with ventures that meet at least three out of the four specified innovation criteria are eligible to apply. The criteria include direct revenue uplift, end customer impact, innovative technology adoption, and effective utilization of the brand’s data.

Unlike conventional funds, our investment entails an in-kind contribution of expertise, time, and resources, co-investing alongside our selected partners to achieve the agreed business outcomes.

The application window is exclusive to Q4 2023. However, the exact deadline will be announced closer to the opening of the application period. It’s advisable to submit your application early as the opportunity is limited to the first six digital products and brands.

Applications will be reviewed by our Collaborative Innovation Committee (CIC) based on the alignment with the innovation criteria, the projected business impact, and the readiness of the technology and data. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further discussions and validation through a Proof of Concept (PoC).

Selected partners are expected to actively engage in a collaborative process, share necessary data and insights, and be open to leveraging innovative technology to achieve the project objectives.

Our remuneration is outcome-driven, being levied only upon achieving the agreed business outcomes. This model aligns our success with the success of our partners, ensuring a mutually beneficial engagement.

The terms of engagement, risk-sharing model, and financial commitments will be outlined in a contractual agreement, which will be shared and discussed in detail with the shortlisted applicants.

For any further inquiries or clarification, feel free to reach out to us at aifund@triconinfotech.com or contact us through the form provided.

You can submit your application through the form provided on this page. Ensure to fill out all necessary details and provide the requested documents to facilitate the review process.

Tricon's AI Innovation Fund: Application Form - 2023 Cohort