Your business outcomes drive our innovation

Proven custom software product engineering for
media, publishing, and educational technology

Your business outcomes drive our innovation

Proven custom software product engineering for media, publishing, and educational technology

Your business outcomes drive our innovation

Proven custom software product engineering for
media, publishing, and educational technology

Experience the Tricon Infotech difference

Domain expertise

We have over 15 years of experience building custom software products for the publishing and educational technology industries. That means we can hit the ground running.

Speed to value

Our teams make extensive use of interoperability and Integration Platform tools to implement software products. This means faster deployments with less code, and iterative solutions for rapid progress.

Business continuity

New software applications must live in an existing ecosystem. That’s why we carefully study your technical environment and deploy them without disrupting your ongoing business. The result is innovation without undue risk.

Business intelligence

Gain from a complete, birds-eye view of your program’s performance and opportunities. We build enhanced data collection and analytics into all our products – from day one.

Optimal size & structure

Our size (550 engineers and growing) allows us to operate nimbly and efficiently, offer the necessary expertise and resources, and share knowledge in every engagement – up to and including at the C-level.

Teams model

Gain experienced staff without the delay, hassle, or risk. We will build dedicated teams of expert engineers for you, so you can benefit from our culture of collaboration and shared knowledge.


Our partner engagements

See how Tricon Infotech works with clients to deliver robust solutions and long-term value.

eBook Publisher Data Transformation: A Case Study featured image
  • sindhu
  • Posted by sindhu
May 11, 2023

A book publisher integrated data analytics into its ebook platform to increase insights and sales.

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Managing Data for Business Intelligence: A Case Study featured image
  • Tricon
  • Posted by Tricon
May 31, 2022

A robust data warehouse turned an enormous flow of information into valuable insights.

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Books and headphones connected to them on a white stone background. Concept Audiobooks.
  • sindhu
  • Posted by sindhu
January 30, 2023

AI writing, Text To Speech audiobooks, and Accessibility will be necessary — and achievable.

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Custom software products with industry expertise

Successful organizations choose the right partner to help them refine their goals, define their requirements, and execute solutions. With fifteen years’ experience developing media, publishing, and educational technology products, Tricon Infotech knows the industry needs.

We work collaboratively with our clients to create products that deliver immediate value and long-term progress to achieve their goals. Learn why industry leaders like McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson, and Taylor & Francis partner with Tricon Infotech for sustained innovation.

Our engagements

Clients & partners

Taylor and Francis


Mc Graw Hill Education

Below are our client partners

Below are our client partners

Below are our client partners












Custom solutions for media, publishing, and educational technology

AI-powered search and discovery

Supercharge your User Experience with next-generation, conversational AI.

Content hosting and delivery

Protect your Intellectual Property with secure, connected solutions.

Interactive classroom experiences

Deliver unique course content and custom Learning Management Systems.

Royalties and back-office connections

Utilize the latest interoperability tools to do more with less code.


Future-proof your applications and offer the best possible experience for all users.

Business Intelligence

Discover hidden opportunities in your everyday data.


Disciplines of software engineering

Tricon Infotech employs a systematic and disciplined approach to the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software.



Understand the underlying problem that we’re trying to solve in its full context and technical environment.


Minimizing Uncertainty

Combine market research and user research into a comprehensive product plan.


Experience Design

Consider the full user journey, from discoverability to utility, including usability, accessibility, and aesthetics.



Build scalable platforms for maximum performance, security, efficiency, and interoperability.



Identify and utilize the best and most appropriate technologies to accomplish each task.


Test Engineering

Make use of both automated and manual testing to ensure perfect, problem-free deployments every time.


Release Engineering

Manage versions, security, and infrastructure to put software in the hands of end users.


Implementation Engineering

Deploy software in the client’s existing environment, including ERP and CRM solutions.


Operations Engineering

Apply automated tools and manual oversight to ensure constant product reliability and performance.


Data & Insights

Use comprehensive data collection, warehousing, and display to drive continuous improvements.


A Culture of continuous development

Tricon Infotech’s 550 practitioners come from diverse backgrounds but share a common passion for learning new technologies, sharing that knowledge with colleagues, and solving complex problems.

Meet our engineers to learn about how Tricon Infotech’s unique teams-based culture has helped them learn, grow, and exceed their own expectations.

Worldwide reach

Global scale, local service

Tricon Infotech’s four regional offices offer local points of contact and access to a worldwide development team.