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Sanditha Shetty

You grow as you work. I never felt that my growth has stopped.

Sanditha Shetty
Engineering Leader

A culture of continuous learning

Sanditha Shetty began her Tricon Infotech career as a Junior Developer in 2013 after graduating from the Manipal Institute of Technology. Early on, she discovered that her work would require her to learn new systems, programming languages, and technologies far beyond what she had learned in school.

“There were a lot of challenges initially, because learning new technology is a little difficult.”

Fortunately, she also found plenty of colleagues willing to assist. “If I go and ask anyone, all the higher management leaders, Head of Engineering or senior engineering leaders, they’re all open, generous, and willing to help.”

Soon she began to understand that this requirement that she continuously learn new solutions – coupled with her colleagues’ support and expertise – offered a unique and satisfying opportunity for her professional development. “It’s very important as a technical person for me to explore a lot of technologies. In Tricon, I got the opportunity, and it keeps on coming.”

She also recognizes that this is not necessarily the norm in the industry. “I have friends who have worked in bigger companies with ten or twenty thousand employees, but their work is very restricted. They don’t get a chance to explore a lot of things, especially in technology.”

Today Sanditha is an Engineering Leader, a role in which she both as a supervisor and mentor to younger colleagues as they build next-generation educational technology products.

“You grow as you work. I never felt that my growth has stopped.

“I feel like Tricon was giving us a path to learn continuously. It never stopped us for a single technology or single thing. It gave me an opportunity to learn many things here”.

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