Engineering for your business objectives

Tricon Infotech’s engineering teams build products that drive revenue, improve efficiency, increase company value, and put a smile on people’s faces. 

Diverse employees with team leader working together, using laptop, sitting at table in modern office, confident mentor coach training staff, colleagues discussing online project, sharing ideas

Custom software product development

  • Tricon’s unique, teams-based approach delivers experienced, client-facing engineers. 
  • An efficient and thorough discovery phase identifies opportunities and establishes priorities. 
  • An emphasis on identifying and solving problems for long-term value maximizes the client’s ROI. 
  • Cross-functional teams share knowledge and best practices across the organization. 
  • A “speed to value” approach delivers and implements MVP releases quickly for immediate impact. 

Generative AI that solves real problems

  • We begin by examining challenges that we can solve with AI – not the other way around. 
  • Private, secure AI instances on the client’s infrastructure protect their proprietary content. 
  • Together, we think beyond mere chatbots to design scalable, practical solutions for organizational needs. 
  • These solutions make use of the full range of GenAI applications, each tailored for ideal use cases. 
  • The result is a secure, unified, enterprise AI toolkit that we can incorporate into the client’s workflow. 

Accessibility for all users

  • We build accessible products from inception – rather than undertaking costly retrofits later on. 
  • Our accessibility engineers guide both Tricon teams and the client’s ongoing practices and content. 
  • Tricon’s engineering teams incorporate Web Content Accessibility Guidelines into new products. 
  • We incorporate these principles into User Interface design and the overall User Experience. 
  • The resulting applications offer better user experiences and keep clients on the right side of the law. 

Comprehensive data analytics

  • New applications incorporate data collection from inception, including MVP releases. 
  • Back-end engineers construct scalable data warehouses for growing, searchable information. 
  • Tricon’s data engineers also can import, clean, and manage each client’s legacy data. 
  • Teams analyze user data to identify and design new and improved product features. 
  • All data appear in intuitive, efficient dashboards, rather than in one-off Excel reports. 

Complete digital transformations

  • Each engagement begins with an examination of the client’s long-term goals and requirements. 
  • A thorough understanding of the client’s broader ecosystem yields comprehensive plans. 
  • Engineering teams design with business continuity in mind to prevent interruptions. 
  • Utilizing interoperability tools, teams deliver solutions in stages for immediate results. 
  • A 360 approach allows Tricon to work hand-in-hand with the client’s product and IT teams.