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Vikhyath Srivathsav

A Master’s was the next step further from being a data engineer to data scientist.

Vikhyath Srivathsav
Senior Software Developer

From engineer to data scientist

Senior Software Developer Vikhyath Srivathsav began his Tricon career in 2018 as an intern after graduating from Vellore Institute of Technology. Unlike other internships, the three-month program was a hands-on exercise that prepared him for his professional work, with real responsibilities and opportunities to learn.

“I was never seen as a newcomer. Rather, I was like taught from scratch and was encouraged to learn from my mistakes. And those three months actually laid a very good foundation for what I am today.”

The work was made possible in part by a supportive atmosphere and attitudes among his Tricon colleagues, something that has remained constant as Vikhyath rose through the company’s ranks. “The standard has remained the same. It’s always been respectful. It’s always been understanding. It’s always people being there for each other.”

Eventually, he became a data engineer on a team for one of Tricon’s finance clients, extracting information and data from various sources, aggregating them into one place, and building a data warehouse. The experience gave him a better understanding of how data works and inspired him to return to the classroom.

With support from senior management, Vikhyath is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London. His timely research focuses on machine learning of facial expressions when the subjects were wearing masks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“A Master’s was the next step further from being a data engineer to data scientist.”

Vikhyath credits his more senior colleagues and management at Tricon for helping mentor and support him on his professional journey with “advice that has helped me grow not only with respect to company, with respect to me as a person and building my career overall.”

“I feel like Tricon was giving us a path to learn continuously. It never stopped us for a single technology or single thing. It gave me an opportunity to learn many things here”.

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