Turning data into opportunities: A case study 

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Listen to the latest articles and insights from our experts.

The American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUA), a top-tier medical school in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, is renowned not only for its picturesque location but also for the quality of its training. Students, most of whom hail from the United States and India, receive two years of classroom instruction before undertaking clinical rotations at industry-leading teaching hospitals in the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

In 2017, AUA began to modernize its IT infrastructure, which had consisted of a mix of legacy data systems and off-the-shelf platforms like DocuSign and the BlackBoard Learning Management System. In the process, though, they encountered challenges in migrating the rich, complex data over to a new educational management system. Their colleagues at their parent organization, the Manipal Academy of Higher Educatin, retained Tricon Infotech to identify and correct any discrepancies in the migrated data.

Visual comparison of Legacy system vs New Generation systems
Working through the complex, interlocking tables, Tricon’s engineers and experts were able to successfully ensure the integrity of the information in the new system. Along the way, they also identified opportunities to make some of the regular reporting more efficient. Working in consultation with AUA’s administration, Tricon began to automate many of these mission-critical tasks:
  • Reporting student demographic, enrollment, and graduation information to academic accreditation authorities.
  • Confirming the availability of clinical rotations with hospital affiliates in order to match students with the right study opportunities.
  • Reconciling student information with he University’s Oracle financial system for financial aid applications.
Additionally, Tricon designed and implemented a new IT as a Service (ITaaS) portal that allowed AUA to generate comprehensive reporting and communications on demand:
  • Email blasts to students to manage registrations, travel logistics to campus, and local housing.
  • Establishing lists of students who are eligible for clinical rotations and combining it with feedback from hospital staff.
  • Financial aid communications to students via email.
  • Customizable business reports for AUA’s administration.

When the University moved some of its back-end functions over to Microsoft Dynamics’s Student Lifecycle Management product, Tricon was able to migrate all the necessary data for the University to properly customize the new system.
What began as a straightforward data cleanup became a chance to improve the organizational efficiency through automation. These new tools have helped AUA improve its productivity and enhance the accuracy and timeliness of its reporting.

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