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A crash course in success – Life Story

Starting a practice in the company.
That’s kind of a proud moment for me.

Aayush Tyagi

Principal Engineer

When Aayush Tyagi joined Tricon Infotech shortly after graduating from the Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2018, he spent the first few months as a bench employee doing mostly front-end programming, uncertain of what direction his career would take.

Six months into his tenure, the company was approached by a customer prospect that needed a team of developers to help them with a complex product. In order to win the business, Tricon would need to produce a Proof Of Concept using a new technology platform – in fifteen days.

The Chief Operating Officer presented Aayush with the project outline, which seemed like an enormous opportunity but a difficult task, as Aayush had never before worked with this particular platform. Yet the COO was undeterred, and he presented Aayush with a challenge:

Let’s learn the platform. Together.

Aayush agreed. The two of them took a crash course on the new platform, and then they set out working on the Proof Of Concept.

“It was a very big workflow that some partner of theirs had built,” Aayush recalls. “The workflow had tied three hundred activities, and the work was to divide those activities into three subflows.” All this, with no documentation.

“And still, we pulled it off.”

Aayush and his team worked nonstop, researching and learning as they went along, and delivered the completed Proof Of Concept in twelve days – three days early – and won the business. Since then, Tricon has increased its mastery of the tool and continues to manage the customer’s systems.

Today, Aayush is a Principal Engineer, and he looks back fondly on that first experience. “Starting a practice in the company,” he recalls, “That’s kind of a proud moment for me.”

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