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A very fast transition – Life Story

No technology can be mastered in a day. So, you learn every day.

Atul Gaurav

Associate Software Engineer

Software engineer Atul Gaurav still remembers the words of advice he received from Tricon Infotech’s Chief Technology Officer shortly after he was hired.

“Just be an engineer,” the CTO told him. “Don’t be don’t be a software test engineer. . . . Don’t be an AI engineer. Don’t be a ML engineer. Just be an engineer who is capable of doing everything.”

Despite being a recent graduate, Atul was eager to work, having followed up his Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from the Ramgarh Engineering College with a postgraduate diploma from the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. He spent his first weeks at Tricon trying to convince the senior management to let him skip their initial three-month onboarding period and join a team right away.

The leaders gave him that chance: Another colleague, a four-year veteran of the company who was working for one of their marquee clients, was stepping away to attend graduate school. The company needed someone to take over quickly, and they offered Atul the job.

In retrospect, Atul realizes that “trusting a fresher replacing a three-year [veteran for] a very renowned client is definitely a very bold step to take.” He stepped up to the challenge, learning the necessary skills in his first two weeks on the new team. The result was “far beyond their expectations, and the client is happy.”

Since then, he has continued to expand his technology stack and his problem-solving skills, which go hand in hand. “You can learn any technology day and night, and because you have the problem-solving skills, you can learn any technology.”

This in turn has been a pathway to continuous education and improvement. “No technology can be mastered in a day. So, you learn every day.”

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