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From novice student to veteran teacher – Life Story

I always remember how I joined, and how I learned, and how I improved myself to do the current role right.

Hima Bindu

Engagement Manager

When Hima Bindu first interviewed at Tricon Infotech in 2008, she scarcely knew what it meant to be a QA Engineer. But the Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology graduate was impressed by the questions the interviewers – including the CEO – asked, so she accepted a position and learned the tasks quickly.

Over the next fourteen years, she graduated from QA Engineer to Project Lead, Project Manager, and finally, Engagement Manager, where she keeps dozens of engineers organized as they deliver products for Tricon’s clients. Her work affords her plenty of variety, including the chance to work with developers and clients alike.

While Hima doesn’t play favorites among her programs (“I’m happy with all the projects I’m working on right now,” she says), her work on major educational technology platforms offers a special kind of reward. “I enjoy getting into requirements discussions with the client and making sure what is the correct thing to develop for our end users who are the students and teachers.”

On occasion, she even enjoys the chance to use her skills as a QA engineer, “if there are any challenging bugs that are troubling us.” She adds, “Maybe I won’t sit and code with the developers, but I will show them logical problem-solving techniques.”

Each year, she receives new junior engineers on her team, which offers her a chance to serve as a mentor. “I enjoy working with the associate engineers who join us because I always remember how I joined, and how I learned, and how I improved myself to do the current role right. So I always look at that way and guide them so that they also can choose their right path and go in that direction.”

“I have seen many of them become leaders in Tricon today.”

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