Sridhar Shetty

Returning to Engineering Roots – Life Story

Is where I connected with Tricon at a personal level.

Sridhar Shetty

Associate Product Analyst

Sridhar Shetty spent several years in Scotland studying at Scottish Caledonian University and later working as a software engineer for Scottish Power before moving back to India. After a short while, though, he decided to switch careers and become an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. Things were going well until the Covid-19 pandemic upended his plans.

Eventually, Sridhar decided to return to his roots and began searching for a new role in the software industry. But he knew he would be competing against a steady stream of younger candidates, many of them fresh university graduates who were well-versed in the latest technology platforms.

Then a friend told him about Tricon Infotech’s Career Change Program, which specifically sought out mid-career professionals. For Sridhar, it was an opportunity to put his training, extensive skills, and experience to work. He knew the company was taking a chance on him, “so you show that you’re capable enough to carry out that job, and you’re good enough to learn things, and you’re able to deliver what is asked of you.” For its part, the company responded in kind, making Tricon executives and mentors available to answer questions and guide him through the crucial transitional period.

Sridhar now works on a team that specializes in automation tools for one of Tricon’s key edtech clients. He has earned a Professional Scrum Product Owner certification and continues to build his personal tech stack to keep up with changing requirements. At the urging of senior management, he even spearheaded Tricon’s partnership with the nonprofit N50 Project, which leverages technology to connect the world’s less affluent communities to the online world.

Sridhar credits Tricon with making it easy for mid-career professionals to take a break and then return to the workplace at their prior level. Not just people like him, but also colleagues who need time off to attend to personal matters, and new mothers on maternity leave. It’s an approach that benefits both the employee and employer alike.

“This,” he says, “is where I connected with Tricon at a personal level.”

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