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Roadmap to Achieving Exponential Expansion

Customized GenAI Enterprise Solutions

Tricon Infotech applies the same philosophy to GenAI that we use with all other technology: Begin with the problems, identify the right solutions, and build them quickly and effectively.

Generative AI is a game-changing tool, but it’s still just a tool like any other. There are different versions of GenAI platforms that have different specialties. Knowing which type of GenAI to deploy for each need is crucial.

Tricon’s focus on automation and efficiency applications has led it to specialize in Generative AI as an enterprise solution. Together, we can use the latest machine learning tools to develop secure, customized GenAI solutions to transform your business.

AI's Transformative Power

GenAI represents a paradigm shift in software products. For the first time in the history of computer science, a machine can understand the intent of a user’s plain-language queries. 

In order for enterprises to employ them effectively, it’s important to choose the right platform, implement them in a secure manner, and make them work with other software applications.


Read Tricon CTO Adi Chikara’s article “AI’s ‘Last Mile’: GenAI in a Digital Setting” for a deeper dive into GenAI’s place in enterprise solutions 👉

From Vision to Value in 12 Weeks or Less

GenAI is such a powerful tool that no one yet knows what this technology is capable of accomplishing. No wonder, then, that most organizations don’t know where to begin. 

That’s why we offer an experiential process in the form of a collaborative, customized, workshop experience and investment matched by our unique AI Innovation Fund.

Discovery Workshop

Together, we explore and learn about your organization and needs: key stakeholders, business models, products and services, and goals. Then we establish the key objectives and path for your GenAI journey.


Your dedicated GenAI product goes live on your organization’s infrastructure, so you can deploy the latest AI tools with your content, your teams, and your tools. Data collection and ROI measurement begin from Day 1.


We deploy a team of engineers to construct your GenAI experience. Your new, secure platform will utilize your proprietary content and involve the right tools, queries, and prompts. Together, we optimize them to solve your most pressing needs.

Build the Roadmap

Your new system is just the first step in your GenAI journey. Now we explore how to expand it across the organization and embed it into your workflows to affect sustainable, transformative change at all levels.

Anatomy of a GenAI Workshop: A Case Study

Tricon conducted a GenAI workshop with McGraw Hill in the summer of 2023 that led to an ongoing development initiative. Read the case study to understand what the experience looks like in practice.


A Solid AI Foundation

Our Generative AI services are bolstered by our strong alliances with tech giants – Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. Their robust platforms form the bedrock of our services, enabling us to deliver secure, scalable, and innovative solutions.


Introducing Tricon’s AI Innovation Fund

Tricon believes strongly in the value of continuous learning, R&D, and mutual investment with our partners. That’s why we launched our one-of-a-kind Innovation Fund to match qualifying companies that seek to unlock the power of GenAI alongside Tricon.

See how we make mutual investments with our clients, and then apply to participate.

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